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This post is edited from an original post by me on Meridian Health’s website in 2013.

Being back in SO. Cal. has had it’s ups and downs. I’ve been back for nearly 2 years and the first thing that I noticed immediately was that my skincare routine had to change. I moved here in the Fall and it was in the 90’s (sorta out of the norm) and I broke out big time. So. Cal. doesn’t seem to pay much mind to the seasons changing, ever. My skin has somewhat acclimated to the change of environment but I still struggle to find a balance for my skin type which is combo. I’ll keep you posted, it’s come down to the basics for my with Avenno being my go-to for now.

We are closing in on the end of July here and technically it’s going to be Fall, but as I mentioned already, So. Cal. has a mind all it’s own when it comes to the seasons. However, with Fall comes change… change that includes your beauty routine. So, put away the pinks and bring out the berries. Here are 5 ways to transition your beauty routine into the Fall season.

1- Swap Out Your Colors The creams and pastels can be tucked away for Spring. Fall is all about the richness of color so go ahead and bring out the browns and deeper pinks like mauve.

2- No More Melting Makeup Woes Since you most likely don’t have to worry about the heat and sweating that comes with it, you can safely return to foundations if you are like me and switch over to a BB or CC cream and just powders in the Summer.

3- New Skincare Routine Again, with the weather changing so drastically your skin needs some pampering. Make sure you are using a moisture rich creamy face wash in the Fall and Winter months to soothe your skin. For my east coast mamas and those who just generally don’t get much sun in the Fall– a tinted moisturizer will keep you all a-glow! However, just because you don’t see the sun as much doesn’t mean it’s not there (duh) so be sure to still use products that contain some sort of SPF in them!

4- Beach Waves are Out You can however transition that into a more full curl with your curling iron. If you over curl don’t worry, simply run your fingers or a brush right through the curls and watch them relax a bit.

5- Change Your Scent I don’t know about you, but for me, in the summer I wear body sprays because I feel like perfume is just too heavy. Well, Fall is the perfect time to use those perfumes you have!

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